Online Shopping

Your products can be advertised online with the help of tekmines. We connect your business to your customers worldwide with safe e-payment systems.

Financial Statements

With tekmines, your software is your professional accountant and gives you all the analysis and insight without any effort or extra charges.

Quick Settings

This feature allows for in app customization. You can decide which function you want to use, when you want to use and who you want to use.

One-Click Audit

Now, you can save extra money with our all new in app auditing. Identify and rectify all errors and irregularities with just a click.

Biometric Life

Very useful to Organised Institutions. The package allows employees or members in a setting to buy and operate with just fingerprint verification.

Paperless Systems

Digitization is the new trend and we have you covered with this package. all information are digitally aligned to avoid use of hard-copies.

Live Monitoring

Be it a school system or a shop or whatever company in question, you can monitor the activities of your organisation remotely with specialized mobile apps.

Payroll Accounting

Keep records of employees with their accompanying salary, allowances, time bonuses, deductions and taxes, social security, welfare contributions and loans.

Product Promotion

We are here to grow your business for you with our advertisement packages. Your products can reach your target market with our assistance.


We offer you a Charge-free advisory service on any department of your business in relation to software technology to help you decide on the best system.

Training and Development

Our doors are open to train you to be a developer or which ever aspect of interest. Successful trainees are offered paid internship with Tekmines.


We've made provision for a Department which caters for logo designing, simple websites, bulk sms packages, Graphic designing and live video streaming.


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